Judge Cedric Kerns, the only Filipino-American running for elective office

Judge Cedric Kerns, the only Filipino-American running for elective office in Las Vegas in 2011, kicks-off his fourth run for Las Vegas Municipal Court, department 5 since 1997. imprint 2000, he had run unopposed, irrevocable his subsequent re-election campaigns blot out landslide victories, also garnered topnotch reviews from the vital Las Vegas Review Journalâ‚„s survey of judges deed ear-after-year as he got elected to the bench. Recently, Judge Cedric Kerns was commended by justness Enforcement, LVRJ and other sectors whereas spearheading the early life Offender Court, his unique project now drug addicts situation they are helped also required to go through a year-long rehab again drug remedy under, the supervision of the court and their families in the recovery process. â‚›Involving the families in the drug addictâ‚„s rehab stage is incipient money the success of the recovering addict,â‚ť according to critic Kerns. To ensure that the families understand the process, the court provides education and counseling for family members to credit what goes on in the minds of the addicts. For this initiative, referee Kerns has earned commendations and respect from families who had been helped, and addicts who had since recovered and off-drugs, and legal process draft foe easing up their own circumstances loads. ripening on this page are photos taken of Judge Kerns 2011 kick-off crusade at the Italian-American membership monopoly Las Vegas. Aides and supporters of Judge Kerns from all spectrum of society hope that this year, he will once again run unopposed. So far, no divergent opponent has thrown his/her hat in conclusion into the political arena, and that augurs absolutely for the judgeâ‚„s slow sailing this generation.
Fil-Am Judge Kerns kicks off re-election 2011

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